John Michael Thornton

Back button   April 28, 2015 – John Michael Thornton – Psychic Self-Defense

Modern life is a constant barrage of emotions, negativity and random energies. It can overwhelm anyone, especially those who are intuitive or psychically sensitive.

This talk focuses on how to create mental boundaries to protect yourself from disruptive people and negative energies left behind from traumatic events. We will explore the basics of self-defense using tools including psychic shielding and cleansing your space. We will cover how to keep out negative energies and thoughts that can block the flow of positive, peaceful and happy energies in your life!

Audience participation will include plenty of question and answer time as well as a guided meditation.

John Michael Thornton has been a professional psychic and teacher for over twenty years. Through lecturing, classes and readings, John has helped hundreds along their spiritual path. John has been a guest lecturer for the Association for Research and Enlightenment, LilyDale Assembly, Victory of Light and spiritual groups across the country. John is an author, Yoga instructor and frequent guest on television and radio. Please see for more information on John Michael.