Emily Rodavich

Back button January 23, 2018- Mystical Interludes, Intimations of Spirit

This presentation will show that everybody has mystical interludes—spontaneous incidents or happenings that can inspire wonder—to one degree or another.  These events are windows into the real world, reminding us that we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies.  Acknowledging these windows and sharing our insights with others can lead to a shift in our view of reality.

Teaching Points:

  1. Understanding the meaning of the term mystical Interludes can help us recognize them in our lives.
  2. We can benefit from identifying mystical interludes as they happen.
  3. Thinking and talking about a mystical interlude intensifies our experience of it.
  4. Until we experience a thing, we know only the idea of it, rather than knowing it. E.g. Until we have experienced Love, or childbirth, or parachuting from a plane, we can only imagine an idea of it.


Whole Group Question and Answer
Small Group Discussion
Whole Group Reporting

Emily Rodavich is a retired English teacher, mother of three and grandmother of four children.  She had a near death experience at age eighteen which seemingly opened the door to many subsequent spiritual events. Unable to share her mystical experiences with most friends or family for fear they’d think her “strange,” she kept them to herself.  Realizing in her later years the precious benefits of those happenings on her life, she wrote Mystical Interludes, An Ordinary Person’s Extraordinary Experiences in which she chronicles ten of her stunning interludes.  Believing that everybody experiences mystical interludes to some degree, she is dedicated to collecting stories from other ordinary people like herself for her current book, Mystical Interludes II: Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People.  Her mission is to do her part to support our spiritual evolution by bringing these important events out of shadow into the light. In so doing, she foresees a day when mystical interludes will be accepted as normal human events, rather than strange or weird occurrences.

Last March, Emily started a Mystical Interludes Discussion Group (MIDG) in her home.  The group began with six attendees, and has since grown to twenty members! For more info on Emily, please visit mysticallinterludes.com.