Drake Bear Stephen

Back button    October 14, 2014  – Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Sex & Gender Identity

Gender and sexual identity is the most important foundation of who we are. Labels are not important but self-identity is critical to self-empowerment and understanding. This presentation is a broad perspective of gender and sexual identity that is most relevant in the 21st century. All aspects of gender and sexual identity are covered including not only the biological, sociological, and psychological creation of identity, but also the spiritual perspective that is seldom explored in mainstream gender and sexuality studies. In addition, the speaker will illustrate how our identities are not fixed points but lay along ever-shifting continuums.

Additional topics include: how the Energy Body and Physical Body affect gender and sexual identity; gender and sexual identity models; changing gender and sexual identity during one lifetime or across multiple lifetimes; Two Spirit and 3rd Gender cultures; formulas for self-identity and self-empowerment; and personal anecdotes from the speaker’s life as a Four Spirit. Questions and open discussion is encouraged during this presentation. A reference handout including a discount coupon for a session will be available for each participant.


1.    Definition of Terms (Gender and Sexual Identity, Sex, Energy Body,                Physical Body, Consciousness)

2.    Journey of our Creation (Physical, Psychological, Sociological, Spiritual)

3.    Models of Gender and Sexual Identity

4.    Changing Gender and Sexual Identity (in one lifetime or across multiple                     lifetimes)

5.    Two Spirits and 3rd Gender Societies

6.    Take-away Concepts of Gender and Sexual Identity

7.    Formulas for Self-Identity Discovery and Self-empowerment Services

Drake Bear Stephen is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner-Teacher-Author-Artist. He specializes in Past Life Regression Therapy. Drake has a variety of background experience that includes a 37-year career in telecommunications. He has a B.A. in art and psychology and is certified as a hypnotherapist, energy medicine practitioner, shamanic practitioner, and Reiki practitioner. He is currently studying to obtain NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practitioner certification. He is a Four Spirit having lived as a bisexual in both female and male genders in this lifetime. Drake offers soul sessions for healing, soul ceremonies for celebrations, and teaches soul school, which is a shamanic mystery school. His book, Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Sex & Gender, will be published later this year. For more information go to www.drakeinnerprizes.com.