Core Member’s Bios


Rev. Marjorie Augustine Rivera

Rev. Marjorie Augustine Rivera is a professional Psychic Medium who has been a full time reader since 2000. Rev. Marjorie Rivera is Pittsburgh’s most professional and prolific reader. She leads message circles, lectures, teaches, is a published writer, a magazine columnist, a radio talk show co-host for years. Rev. Marjorie is a Lily Dale trained Medium. She holds her ministerial and metaphysician’s degree through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale NY. Rev. Marjorie Rivera is often recognized by her enthusiastic platform demonstrations.Rev. Marjorie Rivera brings a refreshing, compassionate and thought provoking perspective to the world of psychic phenomena.

Rev. Marjorie Rivera, otherwise known as Chi Chi to her friends and family, is the Vice Chair of Site Nite. Normally found at the sign-in table or running around in the background during the meetings to be of service. Chi Chi become active with Site Nite in 2010, joining the CORE team and stepping right up to help.
She can be reached through her website for booking.

Judi Vitale

Judi Vitale
Judi Vitale has been an astrologer for more than 30 years, and in addition to consulting and teaching, is the author of two books and writes popular horoscope columns for magazines and web sites. She has a passion for bringing seekers together, and has served on the boards of local and national astrology organizations since the mid 1990s. After 30 years in New York City, Judi’s return to Pittsburgh has brought her back to her roots.  In this fabulous, friendly place, she strives to share her knowledge, wisdom and service with the SITE NITE community.
Real Astrology.  Plain English.



Kathy Evans-Palmisano, RN, CNM, MS, CPT

Kathy is a modern day wise woman whose opinions on health and heart are sought out by people from all walks of life. A Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife, Reiki Master and Certified Personal Trainer with a Master of Science Degree, advanced Reiki certification, she has 30+ years’ experience in energy healing and Woman’s Health.  Kathy retired from administrative and clinical practice to follow her broader path as a healer and founded Kathy’s Energy Program.

Now known as Ki-Ri, her program provides group presentations and retreats, and individual consultation on energy therapies, stress reduction, transpersonal dynamics, team building and ceremony, with special emphasis on spiritual transformation. This comprehensive program is aimed at maximizing an individual’s ability to attain total health and groups’ abilities to optimize work performance, interpersonal dynamics and productivity.  Kathy believes that leading us to and through transpersonal experience and connection to Spirit will allow us to transcend intolerance as we remember our divinity and become co-creators of a life of joy and passion in a world where all life is respected and honored. PHONE   412-298-2016 FAX 412-367-4389


Regina Rivers
Regina Rivers is the founder of SITE NITE, Chairperson and emcee at the bi-monthly meetings. Her inspiration for SITE NITE was made a reality on March 23, 2009. Regina is also the owner of Rivers Healing Arts, LLC where she works with clients using her skills in Core Shamanic Practices, Relationship Coaching, Ascension Energy balancing and Death Midwifery. Regina speaks and teaches workshops on numerous Core Shamanic Practices as well as offers UpWriting Yourself classes which involve meditative writing exercises.
Contact her at if you are looking for a unique speaker for your next gathering or workplace meeting.
Ruth Lorena Krauss
As far back as Ruth can remember, she had a knowing of events, circumstances, situations and subtle changes in her environment that led her to developed her Claircognizance. People were drawn to her for assistance with their problems and she gave solid, spirit guided direction. Ruth has astute empathic abilities and an extraordinary sensibility that had led her to confirm her Clairsentience.

In 2010, Ruth fully awakened to her gifts and began her journey in the healing arts. To better assist people to heal the light within, Ruth began studying multiple healing methods. Ruth is a practitioner of Magnified Healing®, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, and Reiki Master. Ruth is excited and grateful to put her gifts to the service of others and help them through their own personal journey.

Phone: 412-600-1269


Sara Sachs portrait Dec 1,2011

Sara has been a member of SITE NITE since late 2009, and has been part of the CORE team since 2013. She chairs the membership committee. Over the past five years,  Sara has done three presentations for the Tuesday evening meetings.

Sara works as a Psychic Medium full time with local,  national, and international clientele. As well as doing private readings and public demonstrations,  Sara also gives workshops,  writes, and does photography. Sara has appeared on radio and TV,  demonstrating her mediumship skills,  and spreading the word about SITE NITE during the interview segments.