Become a Presenter

Become a SITE NITE Presenter

We invite you to share your knowledge with SITE NITE, a group of spiritual seekers who come together to explore topics of interest.  We aspire to present our audience with topics that raise our group consciousness. Examples may include, and are not limited to:

* Body, mind and spirit            * Health and healing

* Creative expression              * Relationships and family

* Leadership and work            * Sustainable living

* Sacred Activism


We are grateful for your interest in presenting to SITE NITE. We will contact you after we have received and reviewed your completed application. If accepted, you will have 90 minutes for your presentation including questions and answers at the end.

Examples are provided so that you may better understand what we need from you.


Your Name: (required)

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Website: (for your bio)

Title of your proposed presentation: (required)
E.g. Stretch your Body, Stretch your Spirit

Description of proposed presentation:
(required) No more than 2 paragraphs; to be used for PR purposes. SITE NITE reserves the right to edit.

E.g. This stretching presentation will show participants how to stretch their limbs and minds simultaneously. We will all learn that the mind follows the body and how stretching is a great metaphor for life.

Teaching Points :
(required) Real learning is about acquiring knowledge or skill through instruction or study and may involve a change of behavior. Please list 1-3 things you expect the audience to gain from your presentation.
E.g. Participants will be able to perform at least 5 different stretches, describe how the body is affected by these stretches and explain how the mind is affected by stretching the body.

Audience Participation :
(required) Tell us how you will engage the audience in your presentation. We suggest using at least 2 of the audience participation methods listed here. Please indicate which methods you plan to use.

 - Question and Answer                        - Whole Group Discussion
 - Small Group Discussion                     - Whole Group Exercise
 - Role Play                                  - Individual or Partner
 - Other-Please Describe                        Problem Solving      

Presenter Bio: (required) (1 paragraph only)

We appreciate your interest in presenting for SITE NITE. If you have any questions or encounter problems submitting your application online, please email us through our contact page. You may also print this page and submit your application directly to us at a SITE NITE meeting.

The SITE NITE CORE Presenter Committee