SITE NITE’s Astrology


Astrology Reveals SITE NITE’s Highest Purpose

When Regina Rivers and her friends first gathered in Pittsburgh to form what later became SITE NITE on March 23rd, 2009 at 4:45 PM, they were doing it mainly for fun! Little did they know that from a small meeting of people interested in the paranormal could ultimately emerge a force that would attract thousands of participants over the years.

It’s no surprise to see that indeed, SITE NITE’s purpose and popularity are “written in the stars.” SITE NITE was “born” while the sun was in Aries. This provides the kind of pioneering spirit it takes to keep searching for answers to life’s bigger questions – and presenters who have at least a few of the answers. Venus, the planet-goddess of beauty, grace and femininity, was traveling closely with the sun in March of 2009. She was an evening “star” back then, and she was moving in retrograde motion! This could mean that there are a lot of women at SITE NITE gatherings, and indeed that is the case. It also tells us that the people who are aligned with SITE NITE’s purpose reach out in friendship and camaraderie. And of course, this fine group likes to meet at night! Venus retrograde could mean that we are all reconnecting – maybe from past associations in this life, or perhaps in past incarnations! The sun and Venus are in the 8th house of investigation and mystery, and that is certainly much of what SITE NITE is all about.

The people who are attracted to SITE NITE are a lively mix. We can see that because the planets Mercury, Uranus and Mars in the seventh house of “others”. There is a lot of talk about a variety of inspiring topics, and at times some of the conversations can become quite controversial! Fortunately, these planets are all in the sign of Pisces, so there is a soft, albeit thin, velvet glove on that iron hand!

The sign Virgo was rising when SITE NITE was “born”. This helps the organization to run smoothly.  Attention to details, reverence for ritual, and a desire to choose what’s best for the group come from the graces lent by the sign of the Vestal Virgin. However, Saturn is in the first house, which could mean at times SITE NITE can weigh itself down. It’s important that the people entrusted with the group’s leadership look past potential obstacles and continue to build the dream that makes SITE NITE such a valuable asset to the community.

After all, the concentration of energy in Aquarius and the sixth house of service and health (the moon, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and the North Node) show us that service is the purpose of SITE NITE. This is fortunate, because it will steer people toward the spirit of helping others through making presentations and sharing information, rather than seeking status or taking advantage of the people in attendance.

The Midheaven of SITE NITE’s chart shows what the organization will reach for. As it is in Taurus and the ninth house (in the Whole Signs House System), we can see that the search for, enjoyment of and dissemination of “truth” is what the organization seeks to achieve.

In the fifth house of creativity, enjoyment and diversion, we find Pluto. This shows us that SITE NITE can be “obsessed” with the idea of providing a social atmosphere for its membership, and this is a wonderful thing. Can you seriously think of a more enchanting, entertaining and just plain FUN place to be each month on the second and fourth Tuesday nights?

Created by Judy Vitale

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