The State of Grace

Recently I have been obsessed with the idea of Grace. It’s a truly beautiful word but I have been having trouble understanding the true meaning. Oh, I know that in religious circles it has a lot to do with God (but by the Grace of God). But I run in spiritual circles (you can take that any way you want) and I feel that Grace is less about what is bestowed upon us by the Universe and more about how we act (to live in a state of Grace).

In googling around I found this definition, “Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely, the peace of God given to the restless, the unmerited favor of God.” By this definition, Grace is the idea that we don’t get what we deserve (i.e. if we sin) but rather we receive the love of God regardless of our actions. I think that’s beautiful but I don’t feel it addresses how we here on earth can have an intimate relationship with Grace.

When we surround ourselves with like-minded people we find acceptance. When we can find a place where we are around like minded people and not judged for our abilities (or lack thereof) we have found a home. I went to a SITE NITE program once about Psychometry, the psychic ability that enables one to determine facts by handling objects. Well let’s just say I came up blank. Nothing came to me from handling the jewelry of the person who was sitting right across from me waiting to hear what I had to say. Yes, I was a little uncomfortable, and I found myself to be a bit lacking, but I didn’t get any of that from the person sitting across from me. And when the presenter asked for a volunteer to come give it a try IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, I did not raise my hand, but someone else did and she had never done this before. She gave it a really good shot (actually was quite amazing) and we did not judge. That is my idea of Grace, acceptance, love and non-judgment, regardless of who you are, where you are from, or what you have done.

When we put ourselves out there for our community, when we expand ourselves and help others to find their place in this world without judgment, we too are spreading Grace. That is what I love about SITE! Presenters come to teach and help us expand ourselves, to find what resonates with us. For some of us, we have been doing this for years while others are just beginning on their path, but at SITE, we accept you whether just learning about all of the things that are out there or have been practicing some form of divination for years, or even have your own business doing it. Here you have found a home.

See you at SITE,


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