So have you heard the one about the three rivers….


“So, have you heard the one about…..” My grandmother used those words every time I saw her. And what would follow was usually some dirty joke that you couldn’t believe was coming from this little old Jewish lady! She was like a female Grocho Marks though substitute high heels for the walking stick. My grandmother also always had something to say about Pittsburgh when she would visit, “too many hills” (she was from Cleveland, don’t judge!). But the topography of Pittsburgh, (Peaceburgh) the hills and valleys, the three rivers, the point, are exactly what makes us so amazing and such a spiritual center.

The spiritual world is growing, you can feel it. As people look for more answers they are beginning to understand the need to look within instead of at society, media, shopping. The spiritual world is growing. You can see it, in the ever-increasing number of yoga places, holistic wellness centers and learning opportunities such as SITENITE.

SITE has been around now for over four years and has grown from six people meeting in living rooms (before my time) to a space we are presently outgrowing that has a regular attendance of 30 to 40 people and an e-mail list of about 400 and growing. And, as we have changed, along with the city, we have come to our understanding of the importance of Peaceburgh as a place of true significance.

Many spiritual leaders, including Mayan scholars, visiting Shamans and even the Dalai Lama, have recognized that the convergence of our three rivers makes this one of the most spiritual places on earth, a sacred energy vortex, a gateway to an emerging source of power. The Mayan calendar makes a reference to a geographical point where three rivers merge with a fourth river – the center of the universe.

We at SITENITE are dedicated to the idea of raising consciousness in the local communities, and through that raise the consciousness of the world. And how do you do that? One person at a time (or 30 to 40 if you’re one of the ones that comes to our programs). Our speakers come to talk about many different aspects of spirituality; including meditation, mediumship, holistic healing and different forms of divination and so much more. The purpose being to help each individual person find their own special unique connection, that place inside of themselves that raises them up, connects them to their community, their city, the world and ultimately the Universe.

Hope to see you at SITE,


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