Eyesight, Insight, Foresight and Out of Sight



As a member of the SITENITE core (the people at the center of this amazing program), I have the distinct honor of getting the word out in a way we haven’t tried before…through blogging. For those who may be unfamiliar, the purpose of SITE NITE is for our community to come together, learn, support and share spiritual and intuitive gifts. These include anything from meditation, music, astrology, mediumship, tarot and so much more!

When I first learned about SITE I was completely drawn to it. I had finally found a place where I could learn new information, be with like-minded people, and decide what was for me. The phrase, “take what you can and leave the rest behind” comes to mind. Or maybe it’s “take what you NEED…”. It’s about hearing new information and taking what resonates with you. Not every speaker has something to say to ME (I am the center of my universe after all!) but they all have information and something to teach.

I have been amazed by speakers, followed through later with some for healing sessions and had some incredible meditations. I heard things I had never heard before and had old concepts explained in such a way that they finally made sense. I took what was for me; buying books, CD’s and essential oils, and I have walked away from some presentations knowing the information would be used by someone else. Regardless of whether I take something from a presentation I know that someone in the group will undoubtedly take away something important for them.

So, what is SITE? The acronym for Spiritual, Intuitive and Telepathic Expansion. I’m not even sure everyone who comes knows what it stands for, but there it is. I thought about the word SITE and of course the first thing that comes to mind is sight (people don’t think in acronyms!). Okay, so what is sight? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary there are many different definitions, the main one being: something that is seen. But down around definition number six is the one I like best: mental or spiritual perception.

Think about that,

mental or spiritual perception, something that for most is Out of Sight. Mental or Spiritual perception, something that takes Insight, often requiring us to sit quietly with ourselves, to “perceive”.

And with this perception you can hopefully gain Foresight or Second Sight; the ability to predict with certainty as if by divine inspiration; to foretell. Though mostly, I think, we are all striving for some form of mental or spiritual connection. That connection to; Spirit, Source, The Universe, God, The All That Is, etc., that helps give us Foresight and Insight.

So, come join us at SITE NITE, learn something new or learn it again, and above all, have some fun. Don’t look back in Hindsight, wishing you had. Until next time, we’ll keep you in our line of sight (I know, but I had to say it!).

See you at SITE


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