About Us

Spiritual, Intuitive & Telepathic Expansion

Mission Statement

We come together to explore, experience, and support each other’s spiritual, intuitive and telepathic gifts and to expand upon them in a safe and sacred space.

SITE NITE: Your source for 20/20 spiritual vision!


A Personal Invitation to SITE NITE

Pittsburgh skyline at nightYou are cordially invited to join us for an exciting experience called SITE NITE (Spiritual, Intuitive & Telepathic Expansion) formed in Pittsburgh “Peaceburgh” PA on March 23, 2009 by Regina Rivers of Rivers Healing Arts, LLC. Charter members include Regina Rivers, Kathy Evans-Palmisano,and Chi-Chi Rivera. While we started as a small group of only six, today our mailing list includes over 400 people from around the world! And, we continue to expand!

The purpose of SITE NITE is to meet, support and share each other’s spiritual and intuitive gifts. These may include anything from energy psychology, massage, meditation, herbs, nutrition, music, and quantum theory, to astrology, mediumship, tarot, shamanism and working with faeries! If it’s something that excites you, it will most likely excite us to learn about it!

New participants may be seasoned practitioners or newly awakening seekers. All must be conscientious, open, and willing to share what they know and to learn more.

SITE NITE meets at the First United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh located at 5401 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15232 on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7 PM. A suggest donation of $5 per family unit helps to defray the costs of SITE NITE and to pay for using the space however, no one will be turned away due to finances. Give what you are able.

We invite you to come and experience SITE NITE with us and also to present your gift(s) to us when you feel comfortable in doing so. To propose a SITE NITE presentation, please go to our Be a Presenter page and fill out and submit the online application.

Please let us know if you wish to attend SITE NITE. You may like us on Facebook and RSVP there on our Events page or send your RSVP, or any questions and/or comments, through this website on our Contact Us page.